20130923- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

20130923- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I learned today that I am learning internet marketing and financial literacy faster than I actually thought I was.
My sponsor told me recently that I was one of his most committed clients and that I was learning really fast.
He and I didn’t know the half of it.
Today I started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’m not even done with it yet, I’m on page 75 out of 195, and I’m already applying the information I have learned.
An asset puts money in your pocket; a liability adds to your expenses. I used the world liability right after I absorbed it.
Normally, I would be really excited when someone got a new phone. Today, this is what ended up happening when someone told me:

Friend: I am still wondering if this new phone will be worth it in the end ya know?
Me: Probably not. It’s a liability.
Friend: What do you mean?
Me: An asset puts money in your pocket, a liability takes money out.
Friend: My dad bought it
Me: Then it’s someone else’s liability.
Friend: Yep.

No excitement was felt when my really good friend told me about his phone. I only felt pity for his dad.
I am absorbing EVERYTHING!
And I want to learn more!

Who else is eager to learn more? About anything in general?


What do you think?

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