Of Course I Talk To Myself; Sometimes I Need Expert Advice!

Of Course I Talk To Myself; Sometimes I Need Expert Advice!

talk to myself

If someone was to ever come up to me and ask me, “Do you talk to yourself?” I would say, “OF COURSE, I talk to myself!”

I talk to myself to clear my head.

Then I find out that I am my own “expert” and feel better about myself.

I saw the image above floating around Facebook one day and I had to laugh! I don’t know how many people think of the movie Pixar’s Cars. Remember that scene?

Old Car: You keep talking to yourself, people are gonna think you’re crazy.
Lightning McQueen: Thanks for the tip!
Old Car: What? I wasn’t talking to you!

But when I think of talking to myself, I don’t think of someone who has lost their mind. I think of someone who is “thinking out loud.” Everybody has done it at some point, I’m sure. Person 1: What did you say? Person 2: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking out loud.

I bring this up because everyone sells themselves short at some time in their lives. They want to voice their opinions or their thoughts, but they are too shy or they just don’t think anyone will listen. I suggest to those of you who are in Empower Network/#Project A.W.O.L and are currently Empower Network Independent Affiliates, like myself, that you talk to yourself. You will eventually find that you are your own “expert.” If you don’t want to talk to yourself, then “throw a tangent.” Or write it down.

Still don’t see how this could be helpful? Bare with me. I’ll happily expand.

My mother has yelled at me multiple times to stop “talking to myself.” It concerns her that I have “conversations” with myself. They’re not “conversations” in the traditional sense.

How many times have you thought of an idea, then thought up a counter idea? Or thought of a solution to a problem, then suddenly realized that the solution didn’t work, then suddenly came up with a better one?

Have you ever gone through that entire process out loud? Have you ever taken yourself through a process out loud? Have you ever tried to memorize something by saying out loud?

It’s the same thing.

I suggest you try it some time, especially if you are upset about something. When I talk to myself, I am talking myself through issues. By breaking down the issue into parts, I get a better understanding of the issue and it has helped me a great deal, even if my mother thinks I’m crazy for doing it.

Trust me. By putting yourself through a “Talk To Myself” regime, you will find that you are speaking better and more confident while you’re doing it. It will become muscle memory. Your body will be used to talking; so when you go to make a video, or you try to talk to somebody, it will be a breeze!

And even if you decide to just be a recluse later on in life, this will still be handy.

I mean, come on guys.

Sometimes you NEED that “expert” advice!


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