The Beginning of Your Path to Empowerment…

The Beginning of Your Path to Empowerment…

Your present circumstances

The English language is an interesting thing.
Sometimes, new words are added on a whim.
Definitions change; some words are just for show;
But that is what happens as a society grows.

But, here, I wish to explain,
What is bringing us all great pain.
Today, grammar is a scarce thing;
Because of this “texting” thing.

Abbreviations make us forget,
What teachers are trying to make our minds get.
And “like” is not a synonym for “said,”
Using it in that manner makes intelligence seem dead.

On this blog there will be poetry, stories, and reviews,
I hope they will teach you a thing or two.
But this is a place of learning and growth;
So I want you to take an oath.

I swear I will comment and critique with fairness;
I swear I will comment if I have questions.
I swear I will treat people with dignity and respect,
For, if I do not, the comment will be a reject.

Those are the rules, so simple and so few,
Hopefully, they will be enough for you.
Education is important as you shall see,
For strong and empowered you shall be.


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Your Path to Empowerment…

  1. I’m like, why should “like” not be used instead of said? It is not a synonym exactly, it identifies me more closely with what I say. What I say is who I am. It is not a construction I have used before.

    In speech, rather than on a blog, I could say “I’m like” and say whatever it was using the same expression as when I said it in the conversation I am relating. If we are skyping, I could say “I expressed disgust”, or “I’m like, EW!“.

    Onywye. Thanks for the follow, but these things are a matter of relationship. If you comment on my blog, I will come back here.


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