My Favorite Artists

My Favorite Artists

For this post, I have decided to show you some of my favorite artists and give you links to their sites. In addition, some of these people contributed artwork to the FanArt page of my other blog Dragon Age – Opinions and Truths.

To get to their sites, simply click their names.

  1. Smilika
  2. Aldriann
  3. Payroo
  4. Jael Kolken
  5. clc1997
  6. chignon
  7. aaminen
  8. Milulya
  9. Odjo (Johanna Nilsson)
  10. Ysvyri (Kim Myatt)
  11. Agregor
  12. Ashley Q.
  13. MaLkAvlanN-pRiMoGeN
  14. Nicco and Jake
  15. NightJian28
  16. Sandara
  17. Lizkay
  18. e-soulu
  19. skittlefox
  20. sagegrrl
  21. Helga-Mareritt
  22. Danielle Sylvan
  23. ZelasArt
  24. Jazmin “Jaz Kitty” Routolo
  25. Danny Kang
  26. Wendy Harmon
  27. A Case of Random
  28. Garth
  29. Anne Stokes
  30. Ruth Sanderson

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