The Goddess of the Flames

The Goddess of the Flames

The fires!

Controlled by the goddess,
The inventor of the flames,
The wielder of the heat.

Her eyes make her look evil.
The red flames in her eyes,
Can be angered easily.

When angered,
Volcanoes erupt,
Cities crumble.

Never sad, though.
If there is a forest fire, she helps put it out.
If angry, makes it worse!

When filled with happiness,
She helps the campers with their campfires.
Then becomes upset when it is doused with water.

Her attack,

Her eyes become blood red,
She is engulfed in flames,
She puts her hands out in front.

The fires shoot out of her hands!
They zoom onto their target.
The burning victim shall never again see water.

Hard to believe,
But she then becomes calm.
And somewhat kind.

She disappears in a puff of smoke,
Where she was standing,
She is no more.
Her beauty to be seen,

Another day.


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