News Values

News Values

  1. TIMELINESS- now, not a year ago
  2. IMPACT- does it affect readers
  3. PROXIMITY- how close it is geographically or emotionally
  4. PROMINENCE- major figures of the community, celebrities (unfortunately), sports/ names make news
  6. ODDITY- unusual
  7. CURRENCY- story that won’t stop being a story
  8. NECESSITY- things people need to know



  • Be a good listener
  • Attitude- interested in what’s being said
  • Make the appointment
  • Interview them on their own turf/ at lunch- pay for theirs, you pay for yours, order something simple, don’t touch it
  • Show up five minutes early, not a second late
  • Dress appropriately for the subject
  • Don’t depend on just a tape recorder
  • Easiest questions first – 10 questions
  • Don’t be rude or ask impertinent questions
  • Carry tape recorder and notebook to the door, don’t shut off tape recorder until you are down the hall
  • Ask for a phone number incase you need to clarify
  • Organize notebook, then write the article
  • You can talk to people more than once

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