12 Strange But True Brain Facts

12 strange but true brain facts


7 thoughts on “12 Strange But True Brain Facts

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    I saw a documentary once where a guy was getting some kind of surgical therapy to treat his chronic depression and while they anesthetized the flesh around his skull he was conscious for the entire procedure because the brain doesn’t process pain. SCIENCE.


  2. That was great! The human brain is absolutely amazing. It’s kind of a funny thing, we have a hard time wrapping our brains around brain facts. It’s a bit like trying to work on a car while it’s running.


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  4. I totally love this!! I dream a lot!! Many times I wake up totally stunned about what goes on in my sleep. Also, music helps me so much – I do my best thinking actually during a walk, run or spinning class when I simply focus on the music. Thanks for posting!


  5. Superb Post. I really like your authoring style lots. I cut this post for you to Evernote but will review the application again immediately! Keep up the nice work.


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