Disney’s Frozen’s “Let It Go” – In 25 Languages!

Published on Apr 1, 2014
Available now on Digital HD and Blu-ray
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I found this and thought it would be good to share for those who are curios about what languages this song was sung in! 😀

French – Libérée, délivrée – Freed, Released
German – Lass jetzt los – Let Go Now
Dutch – Laat het gaan – Let It Go
Mandarin – 随它吧 (Suí tā ba) – Let It Be
Swedish – Slå Dig Fri – Free Yourself
Japanese – ありのままで (Ari no Mama de) – As I Am
Latin American Spanish – Libre Soy – I’m Free
Polish – Mam tę moc – I Have This Power
Hungarian – Legyen hó – Let There Be Snow
Castilian Spanish – ¡Suéltalo! – Drop it!
Catalan – Vol volar – It wants to fly
Italian – All’alba sorgerò – I Will Rise at the Dawn
Korean – 다 잊어 – Forget Everything
Serbian – Сад је крај” (Sad je kraj) – Now It’s the End
Cantonese – 冰心鎖 (Bing sam soh) – Ice Heart Lock
Portuguese – Já Passou – It Has Passed
Malaysian – Bebaskan – Set It Free
Russian – Отпусти и забудь” (Otpusti i zabud’) – Let Go and Forget the Past
Danish – Lad Det Ske – Let It Happen
Bulgarian – Слагам край (Slagam kray) – I’m Putting an End
Norwegian – La Den Gå – Let It Go
Thai – ปล่อยมันไป (Ploi Man Pai) – Let It Go
French Canadian – Libérée, délivrée – Freed, Released
Flemish – Laat Het Los – Let Go


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