Published on Jun 5, 2014
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A real issue is people who are oblivious to what they are giving up. Not everyone is informed and educated, this video aims to start a conversation so that users can educate themselves and then make informed decisions. Remember how many kids use these services, many of which don’t even know what TOS stands for. Who’s fault is it then? Who is responsible for educating these younger users of the information that are giving up to use that service? Many don’t understand what privacy really is.

The right to privacy – The Supreme Court decided that the right to privacy is implied in the 1st, 3rd and 4th amendments in the 1965 griswold vs. Connecticut case. (

This video isn’t even just about privacy issues. Facebook is dirty in other ways than that. Facebook requires users who have large followings to PAY PER POST and boost the post so it can reach the people ALREADY following them. Otherwise the post will only result in under 10% of the following seeing the post. It’s a dirty way to make money. (

Google only records information you give directly to their services. Facebook has been known to record information outside of Facebook itself. Users have gotten highly intrusive ads based on things they’ve bought on Amazon. Last I’ve checked, Facebook doesn’t own Amazon, nor does it own the right to record data you send between the Amazon servers and yourself.

Facebook sells fake/inactive likes. Meaning if you advertise on Facebook to grow your page, a large percentage of those likes are Fake/Inactive Facebook accounts. This may boost your “Likes” however your “Talking About” and actual posts will show relatively no interaction with actual people. However Facebook advertises this as a way to gain real loyal followers to your brand. (

Regardless of what form the data is in, its my data. It is still sent to FB servers and it is still aggregated and stored, which is exactly what I said in the video. Data is sent and stored. No inaccurate information. To think this is only used for identifying a song and not used for collecting more information on your interests/likes/dislikes would be a huge over site. The problem isn’t that this feature exists, its that Facebook is anything but transparent about how they are using this data.

This is meant to start a conversation about what we are willing to let go and what we should protect in our modern lives. I personally have chosen a life in the public eye and have forfeited many of my rights of privacy to do this profession. You may call that hypocritical, but to be human is to be hypocritical. If this is your focus then you are focusing on the wrong issue. Are you willing to let your rights go? For what and why? At what point is enough enough? I am genuinely interested in your opinions, leave them in the comments below.


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V for Vendetta,
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The Lives of Others,
Got some more movies? Let me know in the comments


1984 (George Orwell),
No Place to Hide (Glenn Greenwald),
V for Vendetta (Graphic Novel),
Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)







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