Challenge 1: Object Writing- Days 3-5: “What” Writing

Day 3: “What” Writing

5 minutes: Umbrella

No one really sees how useless this contraption is. It blocks the rain hitting you when it drops straight down, sure, but from the side? And if there’s a strong wind, you can’t use it at all. You might as well get from point A to point B without the umbrella if all you’re going to do is fight with it. There’s also the possibility of having a useless load. Television calls for rain, you grab the tall, heavy thing from your closet and its clear skies all day. Finally, you leave it at home the next day. What happens? A straight downpour. What are the chances of that? Not the storm of prediction with harsh winds, though. Yay!

10 minutes: Hair

Tangled and matted from lack of care, into the mirror you stare. Where to start? The curls are all mixed in with the knots. There’s frizz amidst these locks. Do you wet it and then brush it through or put it up in a ponytail and wait a day or two? You sigh and pick up the brush, fully aware that you are not in a rush. You hop in the shower and give it a wash. Hopefully, the conditioner will make it smooth and soft. Through  the hair the brush seems to go, but it gets stuck on the third go.  You use both hands and give it a pull while hoping you don’t yank out a handful. You have no idea how long you go at this, but you are aware of your stiffness. Pretty soon, the brush goes through and you are pleased with the accomplishment. You step out, feel the towel on your back as you walk towards the mirror. It feels cold under your hand as you wipe away to see. You carls are need and as tidy as can be. Nice and smooth, no frizz to be seen. You press the cap to the mousse and watch the product rise in your hand. Pretty soon, your curls will stay looking the fairest in the land! Through your hair the product goes. How long will it last? No one knows.

90 seconds: Feather

As it falls, it dances with the sky, not quite sure whether it wants to land or fly. On and on, the feather flings, keeping it moving with the wind.

Day 4: “What” Writing

5 minutes: Curb

Anything can happen on a curb. Trips, tumbles and even balancing acts. Even breaths, arms out to the side or clamped behind your back, following the possibly yellow curbed path. One step at a time, heel-to-toe for those who are new. But if you have been doing this since you were a child, this is nothing new. The experts can do this in a high-heeled shoe. Step, step; click, click; flip-flop, it’s all a part of this childhood cut. Pushing back against the wind or accepting the occasional breeze, you complete this dash with e…

10 minutes: Bouquet

Lots of possibilities with a bouquet. Roses, tulips, lilies. Red, white, yellow, or orange. They can be a great addition to your dining room table. Roses are a symbol of love, red ones. Aphrodite resides in the red of the rose. Watches over the lovers. Cupid assists. Flowers and bouquets are a default. Hundreds of dollars are spend every year. Anniversaries, apologies, proposals even. Not sure how often they are used in proposals, but I’m sure its possible. Tie a ring around the bouquet or tape it to a card and hide it amongst the flowers. Interesting the possibilities and the many meanings behind the flower. Even a bouquet. Given to those on birthdays and graduations. You’d be surprised how many people give bouquets for nothing at all. Just out of kindness. Some give bouquets to those who are feeling ill. A little bit of beauty goes a long way. A little bit of beauty can brighten up anyone’s day. Someone who was in the hospital all day will glisten once they leave. Someone.

90 seconds: Rain Cloud

More grey than aluminum foil, it covers the sky. It alerts us of the impending event. Will it be a simple drizzle or an extensive storm? Hurricane or simply a light rain? Drizzle? Storm?

Day 5: “What” Writing

5 minutes: Movie Theater

The smell of popcorn engulfs the room. It’s dimly lit, whispers fill the air. Wrappers are being crumpled; boxes of candy being ripped open. People cursing under their breath as others are apologizing about pushing through. I laugh… no, chuckle as I chew on my Milk Duds. Watching this spectacle is, so far, more entertaining than the anticipation of the movie. This is what happens when you sit down early. I got a good seat. I also went out and bought candy before arriving. Not spending all my money at the theater. No, sir!

10 minutes: Cigar

Disgusting things; one of the worst by far. What is the point of a cigar? Aren’t they worse than cigarettes? And why are they legal and not marijuana? It’s not like marijuana is a piranha! Marijuana doesn’t eat away at your lungs like a cigar, yet you can very easily BUT  a cigar. And putting an again limit on it doesn’t help at all. They can very easily have someone else get it for them! I’ve seen it done with alcohol. Cigar. “Close, but no cigar” as the saying goes. A cigar for the victor, I suppose. Stupid. Making something look cool so that people will get it. At one point, most everyone smoked in the movies. Its becoming rare, now, but its still there. I don’t know how old Independence Day is, but there were many references to cigars there. I’ve never held one, smoked one or figured out how to roll one. They can have “fun” with that. I’d rather they all disappeared, but I can’t interfere. Its their business if they want to have black lungs filled with tar, but I’m not going to be the one that hands them that fatal cigar.

90 seconds: Arrow

You’d be amazed what an arrow can do. Most people just think of the one that can kill, but I’m thinking of the one that points you in a direction. You can be an arrow if need be. Just point.


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