Challenge 1: Object Writing- Days 6-8: “Who” Writing

Day 6: “Who” Writing

5 minutes: Sailor 

As the ship bounces and bobs through the waves, the sun sets, casting shadows about. The sky is in shades of blue and purple. Black has not yet set in. I go about turning on lights and tying things down. Stars can be seen as I look away from the sun, but I prefer to watch its descent, along with the stars. We are there to say goodbye. The sea is reflecting the sky as the sun bids us all adieu. I will be getting some shut eye in a moment or two.


10 minutes: Waitress Clearing a Table

No one really seems to mind just leaving their stuff around for someone else to pick up. Well, I shouldn’t say “no one”. Some ask for a trash can every now and again. I pass by a customer as I head for a table. Smiling. That’s important, I have to smile. Even if I don’t like the people, I have to smile. I go to the nearest table first knowing full well no one wants to see that. I stack up the plates and bowls to make them easier to carry. Takes some time, but then I won’t have to make multiple trips. My arms shake as I pick them up. I had forgotten how heavy all this could be. I hear the clinking of the silverware as everything wobbles. Breathe. Just breathe… Crap. Now my hat is beginning to slide off my head. I’m not touching it until I get to the back and wash my hands. I step quickly, but carefully, smiling all the way. I wish they could have let me use the cart or a trey. THAT would have made my day. My arms begin to hurt and shake a little more. If I keep this up, this will all hurt my back even more. Company policy says no cart. Seems to me like they have no heart.


90 seconds: Priest

Old. Alone. Just with “God”. I can’t do this one anymore…


Day 7: “Who” Writing

5 minutes: Balloon Man

I have yet to meet someone who does not find some level of joy in a balloon. Especially a helium balloon. As I hand them out, I hear other inhaling them and talking in their new high pitched voices. A couple people think its a fantastic idea to shriek. I laugh and cringe at the same time. But I find their smiles quite pleasing. Making people smile is a joy and a delight. The sight of my balloon stand has people running; hats fly off heads; shoes are clamping; people are chuckling; children are giggling all because of my balloons. Red, yellow, orange, blue, violet green balls float through the air while everyone is running around without care.


10 minutes: Homeless Child

The child holds her only possession, a teddy bear, as she cuddles with her mother to keep warm. Her stomach grumbles, but she keeps it to herself. The last time she said something, her mother cried. After her daddy died in the war, everything changed. They lost everything even though her mother worked two jobs. They weren’t enough. They lived in shelters when they could, but they didn’t have any other family. The little girl never met her grandparents. They were mad at her mother, but she didn’t know why. Her father’s parents were dead, too. All she has in her mother and her teddy bear. According to a newspaper her mother picked up, its going to snow soon. They’ve started collecting newspapers and stuffing them into their clothes. A nice lady gave them hot cocoa one time. The little girl was excited. Unknown to her, it made her mother sad. The child tugged at her mother’s arm and handed her the teddy bear to squeeze saying it always made her feel better. Her mother cried again, picked her up, and held her in her lap. A cold breeze went by causing them both to shiver. Some newspaper makes a crackling sound as her mother removes it from her shirt and puts it in the child’s. It’s all she can do at the moment. And it saddens her greatly.


90 seconds: Trucker

Eyes drooping; grip slipping; slumping in the seat. Things begin to blur. Bumping and rumbling jolt him straight up again. He looks at the dashboard; 4:30 AM.



Day 8: “Who” Writing

5 minutes: Cyclist

He pedals harder and harder, breathing rapidly and with difficulty. The clicking off the chains becomes his focus so as not to be distracted by his tiredness. Then, he heaves a sigh and is rushed into the air, hair blowing everywhere, peddling no longer a necessity. Then his cell rings and he stops to answer it. His mother adds something to the shopping list. He groans as he looks back, sweat sliding down his face and neck. Not again…


10 minutes: Ballerina

Lights are blaring as the curtain is rising. It shouldn’t have been all that surprising, but add that to the crowd size being overwhelming… at first he just stands there, not quite sure if he really wanted to be there. His father had verbalized his disapproval many times and told him to pick a sport. Only his mother was a comfort. She told him to be whatever he wanted to be. And what he wanted to be was a dancer. He was particularly fond of ballet. He sees his mother smiling broadly in the audience. When his part comes, she is the only one there. The lights are comfortable, there is only one seat. They are back in the living room of their home. She is swaying to the beat of the music, moving along with him. Alert to every step, every move, every sound. His main supporter. His only encourager. And she cries with pride. Suddenly, he hears applause and everyone is on their feet. Everyone cheers as he bows. He looks up smiling, but it fades when he looks at the door. His father is there. But he ends up joining his mother in tears as his father raises his hands and brings them together, beaming. Finally, applause. Approval.


90 seconds: Puppy

His entire body wiggles as his tail wags. His little body could go any which way at any moment! He chases sticks, cuddles with the children and he does not whine at all!



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