Challenge 1: Object Writing- Days 9-11: “When” Writing

Day 9: “When” Writing

5 minutes: Summer Rainstorm

I sit and watch the clouds roll in, not hearing what anyone is saying. I see people pointing to the sky; looking concerned, but it doesn’t bother me. The children enjoying their play despite the impending storm, however, does. No school for them and so they play all day. I just wish more attention they would pay. It isn’t until the winds begin to race and the rain comes pouring down that they scatter. The clamour of the rain drowns out other sounds. The glows grow darker, blocking the sun. The children’s play is ruined, unless they threw on bathing…

10 minutes: Graduation

Hats fly through the air, people embrace and families cheer. Music plays as the sun gazes. All accomplishments are appreciated and express. Balloons are passed about as laughter engulfs the air. Proud parents are in tears as gifts are given in congradulations. Prohibited blow horns blaring and everyone is free of caring!

90 seconds: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

People chatter over the clamour of clinking utensils and glasses. Congratulations are thrown about and cheers with smiles from ear to ear.

Day 10: “When” Writing

5 minutes: Six in the Morning

Why in the world do people willingly get up this early? Sleep is pleasing as is dreaming so as to get rid of the stresses of the previous evening. But as I lay in my bed, I cannot seem to keep down my head. Suddenly, a little light bleeds through. Using my fore and middle finger, I separate the blinds and cannot believe my eyes. Hovering over the lade is the sun spreading color in every which direction. The sky is of purple, orange, red and yellow. The trees are different shades of yellow and green and I cannot seem to be able to tell where the sky ends and the ground begins! Oh, the beauty of the sunrise! This is the reason of the early rise!

10 minutes: First Snowfall

As I read by the fire, a subtle movement catches my eye. I rush to the window in time to see the first of the snowflakes dancing in delight. They sway and rise and fall in the wind. If the wind blows just right, it sounds like its singing. Little white crystalline forms move to the wind’s tune as the crackle of the fire plays along. Along the windowsill they stand, introducing themselves to myself and all the land. Eventually, the trees are frosted with white along with the porch and torch light. All the flakes have things to do, but I don’t think adding beauty to everything was quite what they had in mind. I can imagine a gown made of and to look like snow. I would not mind giving it a go. But that thought is lost with the swaying of the trees for there is no more breeze. Now the snow simply falls on its own good graces, landing in all of the open places. I see lights coming on in houses across the way. I think children are about to run out and play. If they are smart they will not come my way. For a snowball fight is fun until I send them on the run. On whichever team I am in we tend to win.

90 seconds: Easter Sunday

The dye is mixed and ready and waiting as I scratch into the eggs the design I am making. Scratch, scratch, scratching away until the dye comes into play. Red, blue, purple and green.

Day 11: “When” Writing

5 minutes: Late Evening

What I love most is the light of the stars. As the closest star sets it reveals the rest. White little dots in the sky that seems to twinkle as I walk by. Orion is keeping us all safe while the little dipper bear continues to enjoy the company of his big dipper mother. I do not remember the details of the story, but a bear and her cub were thrown into the sky to become stars. Their tails stretched as they were thrown. Oh, I do love the stars! So many stories to tell, so much history to learn. And they are the beauty of the world. Nay, the universe.

10 minutes: Loved One’s Funeral

I have never been to a funeral nor would I like to attend one. But I do have plans for mine. It will not be your usual tear filled, dull event with everyone dressing in black. I want people to show up in cosplay to my funeral of all my favorite characters from shows, plays, movies and books. I also want a few people there showing up dressed as the Grim Reaper. I want the one from Black Butler there along with Botan from Yu-Yu-Hakusho as well as any other versions there are throughout history. As much as crying would be appreciated, there shall be none of it. It will be a celebration! Death is only the beginning. There’s nothing to be afraid of. And with everyone dressed up in cosplay, there should be laughter at least, which is partially the point. If my spirit is still a floating around, I’ll wanna see some KICK ASS cosplays! I’m talking details! And I want all my organs donated before I am cremated and put in an urn that looks like Andraste’s from Dragon Age: Origins. Or like the urn that Elsa escapes from in Once Upon A Time. Whichever is cheaper, I’m not picky.

90 seconds: Crossing the Finish Line

Heart pumping; legs burning; neck and neck. Arms swinging rapidly as I make this turn. The red ribbon is just ahead. A little more; I pull ahead; I reach out…


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