Challenge 1: Object Writing- Days 12-14: “Where” Writing

Day 12: “Where” Writing

5 minutes: A Cliff by the Ocean
Do I walk to the edge or stay back and enjoy the view from here? This new house I am looking at is by a cliff overlooking the ocean giving me a perfect view of the setting sun. I can feel the prickle of the grass on my feet as I remove my shoes and easy my way to the edge. Not quite Pride Rock will all its grass, but it does have the splendor. I stand a few inches from the edge taking in the breeze. At the bottom of the cliff is a beach that extends into the soon to be black ocean, though, right now it is already reflecting starlight. But as I continue to look I have to wonder where the sky ends and the ocean begins…

10 minutes: Park Bench in the City
I can’t decide what I like the most; the park during the day or the park at night. I plant myself on the same park bench to enjoy the quiet that is not the city. During the day I hear dogs parking, people laughing and children yelling “Fetch!” or “Go get it!” The light allows for shadows; people have picnics in the shade of the trees. A toddler blows dandelion seeds into the breeze. The happiness of the day as I watch people play takes all of my stresses away, but then there is the quiet of the night. I get to see the beauty of the moon and the stars. The bench resides by a lake whose true beauty can, in my opinion, is only seen at night. I see the starlit sky twice. The moon allows the shadows to dance and the breeze provides the tune. The stars twinkle to the beat. A sight that only a night walk on a beach can defeat. No sound, just my breathing and the breeze. No crickets tonight.

90 seconds: Hotel Bar
The girl at the bar is trying her best to show off her knowledge of football to the men as they watch on the 64′ flatscreen. I can’t help but roll my eyes. She’s trying…

Day 13: “Where” Writing

5 minutes: Suburban Swimming Pool
I look left and right before crossing the street. I don’t want to be seen. This is the only time I’ll actually be able to enjoy the pool, at night. I throw my bag over the fence and climb over. Oh, good, I don’t have to uncover it. I was here when the pool first opened, but ended up leaving soon after because the parents didn’t know how to get their children to behave. They were running and screaming, it made me think one of the lifeguards was going to snap or maybe even have a conniption. I slide into the deep end and float on my back. I dive under and let my legs become a tail…

10 minutes: The Old Fishing Hole
My father, uncle, sister and I drive towards our favorite fishing spot. Trees whizz by as there is no traffic, minimal stoplights. We end at a lake half surrounded by trees with many trails going through them. There are two brown tables on a grassy patch by the lake. Dad and I put all our gear on one, my uncle, mom’s brother, claims the other. The sky is grey for the sun has not yet completely risen and the lake appears to be brown. Moments later, dad casts out a line and we wait. A heron stands motionless on the opposite side of the lake, bright white in the awakening sunlight. Joggers eventually appear soon after my father cheers, but it is short lived. The fish he thought he had had wrapped the line around a stick. My father had thought he had caught a large fish. Everyone was disappointed. Impressed by the fish’s intelligence, but disappointed. Pretty soon the grey tint is replaced with a color array as the sun joins in on the day. Grey turns to green wherever it is to be seen. The winds blow when there is another line thrown, hopefully sending it farther. Since we only have an hour.

90 seconds: Under an Umbrella
Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get inside. I must admit I am just fine. This rains is currently doing nothing to me for by giant umbrella is blocking the rain from hitting me.

Day 14: “Where” Writing- Final Day of Challenge One!

5 minutes: One the City Bus
The blue seats reflect the light into my face. I have to lean to the side a little. The bus grumbles and quickly leans to one side as if it was about to tip, but it just hit a pothole. Twice. Buildings are sky high as we pass them by. I’m in no rush. If I was, I wouldn’t be on a bus. The city is filled with funny people to watch, especially since there is a convention not far away, just a couple of blocks. I pull the string, the bus stops and away I go, but first I have to put my mask on…

10 minutes: Wedding in an Old Church
The church is small and, given the type of architecture, I’d say old. I’m not too… I can’t do this one.

90 seconds: Canoe on the River
The paddle creates ripples as it enters the river, pushing me forward. The canoe glides through the water with ease, only the rocks are a danger.


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