It’s my cousin’s birthday! Just posted to her FB profile. 23. I think. In a year, unless her having a child got her out of it, she will be independent from her parents. 24.

Wow. It’s been almost four months since I wrote anything in here. Last time I did, I was happy about something. The pattern continues. Hope it is continuous.

On my cousin’s birthday, I am booted out of the house so my dad’s significant other can wrap Christmas presents in peace. That’s the negative way to go put it. Getting up early in the morning doesn’t put me in the most positive moods.


Dragon Age: Inquisition puts me in a FANTASTIC mood! I might be addicted and suffering withdrawals. It is possible. The character development is FANTASTIC! I wish Solas was a REAL person or I could find someone with his personality. That would be nice. Love his voice. I read the credits for the game last night and forgot who is voice actor is. Steven Valentine does Alistair’s voice. I think that’s his first name…

I wonder if Alistair will ever find out Fiona is his mother. She, they, never wanted him to know, but with everything that has happened, been happening, it might be a good idea. Maybe… after Redcliffe, maybe not.

I can’t WAIT to get home so I can get back to the War Room. We need to find the Seekers. And I finally found out how to romance Cassandra. I tried playing as a Qunari and hated how it felt, so I deleted it. Leaving me room for a human male to slide in and romance Cassandra. 😛 Dorian was easy. He’s fun to flirt with, though. Funny how I understand flirting in a videogame, but I draw a blank in reality. Or am I a really good flirt and don’t realize it. Both, perhaps? Don’t care. Life is life.

I like Empress Celene, don’t like her voice.

Cullen has DRASTICALLY improved. I was not a huge fan of his in Origins and not so much in the beginning of DA: 2, but towards the end he became likeable. Love him in Inquisition (08:52). One of my characters is romancing him. One of my other characters got to watch him struggle with his lyrium addiction. That was painful to watch! They did a FANTASTIC job with the character development! I could SEE how much pain he was in! I felt horrible! If that’s how handling an addiction is in reality, the developers and designers did their research. Good job, fellas!

And I think I will ALWAYS save Empress Celene. I wouldn’t let my worst enemy die if I knew I could prevent it. Unless it’s Corypheus. I’ll eat popcorn and watch. Or join in. Kill him myself. Beat the shit out of him.

Loghain got a haircut! Looks good! And the fact I can customize Hawke is pretty cool. Why is the default a white chick? That’s irritating. At least, in this game, making another ethnicity is easier. Hard to make them look like me or get my eye color, but I’ve gotten close. I made a dude just to go after Dorian. I fucked up with Solas on my first character, so I switched to Cullen. My next character went after Dorian. My this is, I think, succeeding with Solas. He called me “My heart” one time, so I’m going to say yes. And we danced at the Winter Palace. That was cool. 😀 Was waiting for that. I deleted my fourth character, the Qunari. Didn’t feel right. I feel GREAT playing as an elf! Being the human mage was interesting. Dorian’s love. Now I need to make a rogue human to go after Cassandra. Or Josephine. I hear you have to duel for her love. Must be some noble thing. I wonder if I have to BE a noble. Will my human rogue be a noble descendant like my human mage was? That’ll be interesting. My first Dalish elf lost her clan. I remedied that with my next character.

And, I must say, each time I restart, the game just keeps getting easier! In an area where they recommended my character to between the levels of 4-7, I was level 8 with my Dalish Elf Monria! Rogue. My first character is Ellana, my second Gorin. My fourth, the deleted Qunari, Tal-Vashoth, was Henah, I believe. It makes sense that she would be Tal-Vashoth. The Qunari don’t have names of their own. I also like how you can be an elf amongst the Qunari. They wast nothing. The Iron Bull told me, that and the graphic novels I read about Alistair looking for his father. I also now know who Bianca was because of those books. They assume that Alistair became king, but its still a good story. I read a negative review, but it didn’t sway me. Great character development, as always. I wonder what would happen if the writers of Frozen and Dragon Age decided to create something? They both did a great job with their stories! They both won awards! Frozen won a couple Oscars while Inquisition won Best RPG of the year! Only people in the DA community would know that, though. Kinda depressing. People who don’t play videogames look at us like we’re losers, but I disregard them. They don’t know what they’re talking about, so their word has no merit. Taking the games away will just make matters worse. Telling a gamer to stop playing videogames is like telling a girl to stop wearing make-up, you just don’t do it. It’s part of who they are. Taking it away would cause them to die slowly.

Why does it matter? Controlling behavior doesn’t get anyone anywhere. At least not for a while. They would fight back eventually. History proves that. Even if those who fought back lost, they still sent a clear message that they would not be controlled.

Anyone who tells me to stop playing videogames will be dropped. I don’t intend to let someone control me. Not after my first relationship where I had to deal with subtle control and rumors. I might’ve had a second relationship, but he stabbed in the back. I forgive him, but I can never trust him. Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m glad Morrigan‘s back in Inquisition. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I heard her voice again. And watching her interact with her son Kieran was… wow. She’s changed so much but at the same time not. She still has her strength, confidence and attitude, but it has been curbed. I like the change, but I think I’ll miss her stabbing ability. Just like Vivienne, “she wastes no words,” as Cassandra would put it. Did put it. If a leadership position ever did open up for me, I would be good at it. Watching and interacting in the game has shown me that. I got high approval at the Winter Palace, despite the fact I was an elf. 97 out of 100. If I was a human, had been a human, I wonder if it would have been 100? I was happy with my 97, though. I worked HARD to get there. And gathering those scandalous secrets was amusing. I didn’t like being there while I was playing. I didn’t realize I enjoyed the Game until I left. I see why Solas enjoyed it. And Leliana and Josephine. I also see why Cullen hated it. People were “pinning” for him, as Leliana put it. It was HILARIOUS! I wanna do that again! (10:00)

I’ll be able to with my mage characters. Its funny, I feel safer as a mage, but I feel more alive, overjoyed as a rogue character. I haven’t played as a warrior, yet, but I don’t see myself doing so. Stealth is MOST useful! And I LOVE sneaking up on my enemies and dealing that extra damage. *sigh*

I wish Sera was better educated. I see a LOT of myself in her, which is why I keep her around, but I need the subtitles in order to understand what she’s saying. At first, anyway. I got her, for the most part, with my third character. Didn’t get to her with the Qunari. Didn’t feel right continuing to use her. Loved her voice, though. Sera, funny sometimes, but I can’t really take her seriously. I agree with her views, helping the “little” people, but boy do I wish she was more dignified and had a better sense of propriety. Like Solas. He doesn’t really enjoy people all the time, but, I must say, he carries himself quite well. He could be a courtier if he wasn’t a mage and an elf. He quite enjoyed being at the Winter Palace, after all. Blackwall didn’t. Cassandra didn’t either. I found that amusing. Cassandra didn’t like the ball, but she was surrounded by people. Blackwall kept himself secluded. Very amusing. Solas enjoying himself I found surprising, but delightful. With everyone else hating it, his positivity kept me amused. I wonder how Dorian would fit in? Him being from Tevinter probably wouldn’t go over well. I wonder if people would try to dissuade me from taking him? (10:14) Probably, but wherever I go, my man goes. Now I can’t WAIT to go to the Winter Palace again! That will probably be my goal as I play through my next characters. That was fun! I wish I knew where all the halla statuettes were. I’m tempted to get myself the Inquisition game guide for Christmas, but I don’t see that happening. I’ll probably have to pay a bit of my NWFCU student loans so as to not be penalized for being late. Again. Apparently, my credit being dinged is a bad thing, but I’m not seeing the importance. Never did.

I am NOT destined to pay bills and die. To stay black and die, certainly, but not be leashed. I can’t WAIT until I turn 24. Full Sail here I come! Maybe I can be part of the next Dragon Age game! Or the next Disney movie! Whatever I do, I do NOT want to be tied down for the rest of my life. Being a consultant would be nice. The thought of just being in one place is NOT my idea of a happy thought.

Yet I could be in the Hinterlands or wander around Skyhold for quite some time just looking at the landscape. Very well done. Beautiful game, beautiful and engaging story. The characters are beautifully developed. LOVE IT! Inquisition deserved all the praise and awards. I just wish I didn’t have to gather materials to gain the Specializations. Whose “bright idea” was that? Not. Happy. That’s my only complaint, though. So far. For right now. If there are any more, I’ll be surprised. Thanks for that Qunari addition, but I will not be playing as one. Felt off. Haven’t been a dwarf yet. That needs to be remedied. Scout Harding appears to be romanceable. They have the ❤ option there, so it’s worth pursuing. Great personality, from what I’ve seen. Looks have, almost, nothing to do with it. Shoulders up matter. If I can’t stand looking at them or listening to them as they speak, it will not work. Eyes are the most important. And voice. They, unfortunately, trump personality. (10:35) Unless they are badass, in which case, eh. Haven’t come across that yet. Don’t expect to. At least, not in my generation. I see myself with someone much older than myself. Or a single, foster mom once I get myself situated. A bunch of kids and a bunch of dogs. Young ones and pitbulls. Maybe a few teenagers and a husky. I prefer the company of kids and animals to people my own age. Must be the ADHD. I haven’t been officially tested, but the online tests I did take point to it. Probably why I am so fixated on Dragon Age.

Oh. Time to go. (10:44)


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