I tried recording a video of my reading allowed Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “IMITATION” to post to YouTube, as planned, and the sound kept breaking up. I have a headset and everything! And I was EXCITED! The headset is brand new and hardly used, so I HIGHLY doubt that could be it.


Any thoughts? Suggestions? Advice… this is underwhelming…

Well, my day wasn’t all bad. I went for a couple walks and, in so doing so, realized that I wasn’t able to make videos before because I was sitting down. As I was walking I was FLOWING with ideas of what I could do in the videos! The plan I had was to either A) read stuff aloud so that I could be doing two things at once or B) walk and talk. Then the sounds stops working… I don’t know what I’m hoping for. A messed up headset or a messed up computer. This is upsetting…

Since I couldn’t read it aloud for you all, I’ll post the poem here. The plan was to learn with you. I had never read “IMITATION” so I decided to share that first. Looks like I get to put videos on the back burner… again… fuck…


A dark unfathom’d tide
Of interminable pride-
A mystery, and a dream,
Should my early life seem;
I say that dream was fraught
With a wild, and waking thought
Of beings that have been,
Which my spirit hath not seen.
Had I let them pass me by,
With a dreaming eye!
Let none of earth inherit
That vision of my spirit;
Those thoughts I would control,
As a spell upon his soul:
For that bridge hope at last
And that light time have past,
And my worldly rest hath gone
With a sigh as it pass’d on:
I care not tho’ it perish
With a thought I then did cherish.


What did you guys think? I didn’t really get what Poe was talking about, to be honest, but I liked his use of language.

Until I can get a techy friend to help me out, I’ll have to stick with just posting. And sharing other peoples’ videos. God dammit…

Pardon the cussing, if you care.


I realize I never made a New Year’s Resolution to write in my journal every day, unless I forgot, but I think it is a good time to start. I have forgotten most of 2014, how about I don’t forget 2015.

I realize while walking back from the library today that I have my best ideas when I am walking. I am just FLOWING with them. Which was what I planned on doing for my videos that I planned to post to YouTube. Problem. Scratchy sound. If it’s not one thing, it is another.

It was too cold today for any extensive walking, so the only trips I took were to the store and the library. I spent most of the day on Netflix watching NUMB3RS. I switched to The Finder about 5 minutes ago. I am multi-tasking between watching that and The Sims Free Play on my phone. Or, I would be if my phone would cooperate. Got to Lvl 42! At 44 I can get another Sim.


I haven’t been able to play DA: Inquisition since PSN got hacked. I found out today it might just be a glitch in the game, but I’m open to the hack being a disruption. I’m hoping the game glitched, oddly enough.

I spent most of the day looking through FB for inspirational quotes. I made one Bitstrips comic today. I think. Took a benedryl. At nine I will turn off all the lights. I should be ready to sleep by ten.


Goodbye lights.

Let’s end this post on a positive note, shall we?



What do you think?

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