20150408- I wrote a new poem!

20150408 [22:01] Wednesday

Black and white;
Day and night;
Wrongly that is all in sight.

Day and night;
Dark and light;
That is not it; that is not right.

There are grey areas in between
That for many remain to be seen.

There is dusk and there is dawn;
They are both nature’s pawns.

Not everything is black and white,
Nor is everything bathed in light.

Thanks to objects blocking light’s might,
Shadows are always there before the light.

Light is not the fastest thing out there,
For darkness is always waiting for light to get there.

Light is good; dark is evil.
“You are dark, you work for the devil!”
Light is judgmental and must lose the shovel.

Too much light can cause a burn.
Light at night makes us toss and turn.
When are we ever going to learn?

There are grey areas in between
That for many remain to be seen.

Not everything is night and day,
Good and evil is not the only way.

“Evil” is not the only way to be;
Nor is “good” the only way to see.

There is dawn and there is dusk;
Remembering this is a must.

Not everything is black and white;
Not everything is in plain sight.

I have been thinking about that poem for a while. I missed some lines, though. It will probably be rewritten a few times. I got a LOT of my best lines at work. Problem with that is I can’t just drop what I’m doing to go write it down.

The dark does not have to consume thee;
You can be the dawn if you choose to be.

That, those, were the lines that inspired to poem. In the Fan-Fiction, that I need to figure out how to start, Snow says that to Rumple. Or, she will once I get the story from point A to point B. I have over two centuries to cover! Won’t be hard to think of, but it is difficult to get them onto the paper, apparently.

What do you think?

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