Transition Words and Phrases

  1. accordingly 
  2. after 
  3. after that
  4. afterward 
  5. also 
  6. another 
  7. as a result
  8. as an example of
  9. as proof
  10. as soon as
  11. at first
  12. at last
  13. at the same time
  14. before long
  15. besides 
  16. consequently 
  17. earlier 
  18. even if
  19. even so
  20. eventually 
  21. finally 
  22. first, second, third
  23. for example
  24. for instance
  25. for one thing
  26. for this reason
  27. furthermore 
  28. hence
  29. however
  30. I feel that
  31. in addition
  32. in conclusion
  33. in short
  34. in spite of
  35. instead
  36. in my opinion
  37. in other words
  38. in the first place
  39. in the meantime
  40. in the same way
  41. it is my belief that
  42. later
  43. likewise
  44. meanwhile
  45. moreover
  46. most importantly
  47. nevertheless
  48. next
  49. now
  50. one
  51. once
  52. on the contrary
  53. on the other hand
  54. on the whole
  55. or
  56. other
  57. otherwise
  58. similarly
  59. soon
  60. specifically
  61. still
  62. that is
  63. then
  64. therefore
  65. to begin with
  66. to illustrate
  67. thus
  68. when
  69. yet

Powerful Words

  1. unquestionable
  2. tremendous
  3. outrageous
  4. dazzling
  5. splendid
  6. magnificent
  7. petite
  8. ample
  9. fascinating
  10. eccentric
  11. glorious
  12. amazing
  13. phenomenal
  14. lively
  15. tempting
  16. brilliant
  17. tranquil
  18. appealing
  19. worthwhile 
  20. incredible
  21. gorgeous
  22. abundant
  23. gigantic
  24. comfortable
  25. marvelous
  26. generous
  27. tantalizing
  28. exuberant
  29. memorable
  30. spectacular
  31. superb
  32. vivid
  33. quaint
  34. stunning
  35. first-class
  36. exceptional
  37. breathtaking
  38. quintessential

My Apologies For My Absence

There is a myriad of reasons as to why I have been unable to post. The most recent phenomenon is the lack of a computer; my laptop kept crashing after only being on for 5 minutes. I am currently using my newly bought Samsung Chromebook while my lovely significant other is building me a PC; we only need one more piece to complete it.

There’s also work; call centers are exhausting. And there’s school; I am taking Stratford Career Institute’s Video Game Design course. I am on the final module, contemplating what I will take next. In addition, I have been working more on my art.

I was recently invited to join Graphicker, which I just built my profile for today. I also recently joined ArtStation and I have been a member of DeviantArt for 4 years, but I just now put my artwork up for sale. I am contemplating starting a Patreon account, but I need to do more research as to what it is.

The point I am trying to make is, despite the distractions, I am back. After I regain access to my files on my laptop, I intend to post photos of my art. In case you’re interested.

Make Texting & Driving a Primary Offense in Florida Now!

 Make Texting & Driving a Primary Offense in Florida Now!


Please sign our petition to make texting and driving a primary offense in the state of Florida. Together, we can influence Florida legislation to save more lives and make our roads a safer place for everyone.

On November 7th, 2014, a distracted driver killed my son, Anthony Branca. Anthony was only 19 years old. He was killed because someone else chose to make driving less than important. In an instant, Anthony was gone.

  • Distracted driving is the leading cause of death among teenagers (surpassing drunk driving) and the numbers are trending upward.
  • Distracted driving crashes made up more than 12 percent of all crashes in Florida in 2015.
  • Drivers text-messaging or visibly manipulating handheld devices increased from 1.7% in 2013 to 2.2% in 2014.

Currently, it is only a secondary offense to text & drive in the state of Florida. Meaning, you must be doing something else illegal (like speeding or running a red light) for a law enforcement officer to pull you over for texting & driving.

We need help from our elected officials to enact a primary offense law that prevents senseless road tragedies from occurring to other families. 

The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation was created in memory of Anthony. We’re starting a revolution to end distracted driving… We’re waging war and building a #BandanaArmy of citizens to help us end distracted driving, #BecauseAnthony. Join the fight, visit our website.

US Climate Heroes: Bypass Trump!

US Climate Heroes: Bypass Trump!

Let’s encourange these climate champions to lead!


One man could destroy our future in 34 days. Yep, Donald Trump.

He doesn’t even need the nuclear codes — he just needs to keep his promise to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and have massive polluters like India or Russia follow suit!

But we’ve got a silver bullet: bypass Trump.

New York, California and Google have raised their climate ambitions after Trump’s election — if we get them to build a coalition of US cities, states and businesses to collectively meet the US climate target, the Paris agreement can hold. Let’s send a million voices directly to their doorsteps! Click here!




Greg Robinson has over 27 years experience in the Fitness Industry.  He is am certified in Personal Training, Strength Training, Aerobics, Nutrition, Weight Loss and CPR Certified.

For most of his career, he has taught multiple classes in commercial gyms (including Extreme Body Sculpt and Extreme Core) while also doing personal training.  He recently relocated from the east coast to Arizona and has decided to focus all his energy on Personal Training.

Nothing beats one-on-one workouts.  With him, there is no waiting in line for a piece of equipment – a one-hour workout remains a one-hour workout. To learn more, click here.

Stop Australia’s epically stupid plan!

Stop Australia’s Epically Stupid Plan!


They’re trying to put a toxic coal complex next to the magical Great Barrier Reef! It’s a crazy plan, but we’ve got a chance to stop it.

The Australian government wants to give $1 billion to build a massive coal complex that could destroy the sea floor home of turtles and tropical fish. But first an independent panel must approve the loan, and they’ve never come under public pressure.

It’s time to make them feel the heat. Let’s put this reef-killing deal in a global spotlight with a million person petition and a massive campaign in the Australian media — add your name.