The Dragonfly Effect

Some of you have been asking me questions about blogging.

I went to the library yesterday and found a book called The Dragonfly Effectclick here to get a copy. It contains “quick, effective, and powerful ways to use social media to drive social change”. For those who are interested, here are the first few paragraphs of the forward:

Everybody feels tremendous pressure today to master social media, but most people haven’t quite figured out how to do so. Nonprofit directors are told they need a social media strategy for engaging volunteers. Journalists are encouraged to blog, tweet, and whirl. Marketers feel they’re required to have a Facebook strategy. That’s unfair to the poor marketers- heck, Facebook doesn’t really have a Facebook strategy.

People who face serious problems have a long history of grasping for a technological fix. The 8-millimeter film was going to revitalize education… then the IBM PC. The Internet was going to usher in an era of political transparency. And for sure, positively, the magazine industry is going to be saved by the iPad. And today everyone feels that social media tools are a solution to the problems they are facing. (Except for those who are worried that someone else will figure out how to use them first and gain an enduring competitive advantage.)

So suppose you really could do something with social media. Well, The Dragonfly Effect points the way.

Again, if you’re interested in getting The Dragonfly Effectclick here to get a copy. And I hope you enjoy!

How To Embed A Video Into Your Blog Post

How To Embed A Video Into Your Post

This is very simple.

My writing it here is just in case I go too quickly in the video.

To embed a video into a blog post:

  1. Go to the video you want and hit the “Share” button.
  2. Click “Embed”
  3. Copy the HTML Code in the box below.
  4. Go back to your post and click the “Text” button next to “Visual”
  5. Paste the code.

And there you have it! Now people won’t have to leave your blog to see your videos.

Was this easy enough to understand?

Empowerment Epiphany

Empowerment Epiphany

Change the Mind

If you continue to tell yourself that you cannot do something, you eventually begin to believe it.
You are smart; you are strong; you are important.

I had an epiphany today.

I have decided that I am not only going to give you information to improve your skills, but I am also going to post things that will inspire and empower the mind.

In this day and age, we seem to have more frenemies than actual friends. I know the saying is, “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer,” but your friends are NOT supposed to be your enemies as well.

Have you ever asked a friend for help or for advice and all they did was tell you negative things?

How are you supposed to do that?

You can’t do that!

That’s just stupid!

No, you are just negative assholes who need foots in the mouths.

In my Instagram, I have been posting positive pictures and inspirational quotes. After looking at those positive pictures and their quotes, I came to the realization that they aren’t being said enough. People are posting those pictures and quotes for a reason. I’m going to start spreading their message.

And here’s why; whenever someone hears negative things all the time, the subconscious mind eventually absorbs them and then the individual then begins to believe every word. You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

Here’s something that I have been doing (especially when I have to fight Marjoline). Here’s something I would like you to do. Indulge me.

Say this to yourself every day.

I am smart; I am strong; I am important.

I have been telling myself this every day and I feel fantastic! If you continue to tell yourself that you cannot do something, you eventually begin to believe it.

You are smart; you are strong; you are important.

Believe it.

How many of you agree?

Expand Your Mind By Reading!

Reading ListCourtesy of Kipz11

Below, I have put together a little reading list compiled from the books I read while in college along with some I read on my own. There are also some books that were recommended to me by Empower Network.

I did this because one cannot improve if they have not yet learned from the past. It shall be updated as often as I am able.

I took time one day to go through and find these books at the lowest prices I could find. If you wish to purchase any of these books, click their titles. It will take you straight there.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

For Expanding And Empowering The Mind

For Understanding Feminism

Learn From Other Writers

Improving Your Own Writing

Learn From Past Art

Improving Your Anime/Manga Art

Improving Your Fashion Illustrations

Improving Your Mythological Creatures

Improving Your People and Poses

Improving Your Photography

Classical Mythologry

Does anyone else have any ideas?

20130923- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

20130923- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I learned today that I am learning internet marketing and financial literacy faster than I actually thought I was.
My sponsor told me recently that I was one of his most committed clients and that I was learning really fast.
He and I didn’t know the half of it.
Today I started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’m not even done with it yet, I’m on page 75 out of 195, and I’m already applying the information I have learned.
An asset puts money in your pocket; a liability adds to your expenses. I used the world liability right after I absorbed it.
Normally, I would be really excited when someone got a new phone. Today, this is what ended up happening when someone told me:

Friend: I am still wondering if this new phone will be worth it in the end ya know?
Me: Probably not. It’s a liability.
Friend: What do you mean?
Me: An asset puts money in your pocket, a liability takes money out.
Friend: My dad bought it
Me: Then it’s someone else’s liability.
Friend: Yep.

No excitement was felt when my really good friend told me about his phone. I only felt pity for his dad.
I am absorbing EVERYTHING!
And I want to learn more!

Who else is eager to learn more? About anything in general?