Which Version of Frozen’s “Let It Go” Is More Relatable?

Which Version of Frozen’s “Let It Go” Is More Relatable?


Certain lines are going to be mentioned throughout this article. If you wish to see them, click here for the original version sung by Idina Menzel and click here for the remake sung by Demi Lovato. The videos were put at the top not only for your convenience, but also because they, too, are going to be discussed.

Now, I’m gonna start off by saying that the two versions are spectacular by themselves, but when a comparison is done, one of them will reign supreme.

News Values

News Values

  1. TIMELINESS- now, not a year ago
  2. IMPACT- does it affect readers
  3. PROXIMITY- how close it is geographically or emotionally
  4. PROMINENCE- major figures of the community, celebrities (unfortunately), sports/ names make news
  6. ODDITY- unusual
  7. CURRENCY- story that won’t stop being a story
  8. NECESSITY- things people need to know



  • Be a good listener
  • Attitude- interested in what’s being said
  • Make the appointment
  • Interview them on their own turf/ at lunch- pay for theirs, you pay for yours, order something simple, don’t touch it
  • Show up five minutes early, not a second late
  • Dress appropriately for the subject
  • Don’t depend on just a tape recorder
  • Easiest questions first – 10 questions
  • Don’t be rude or ask impertinent questions
  • Carry tape recorder and notebook to the door, don’t shut off tape recorder until you are down the hall
  • Ask for a phone number incase you need to clarify
  • Organize notebook, then write the article
  • You can talk to people more than once