Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Quiz

Please match the vocabulary word with the correct answer.

  1. _______ Good morrow
  2. _______ Thrice
  3. _______ Doth
  4. _______ Hence
  5. _______ O’er

a)      Does
b)      Away from here
c)       Over
d)      Three times
e)      Good bye


  1. _______ Ne’er
  2. _______ ‘t
  3. _______ Foresooth
  4. _______ Wherefore
  5. _______ Sirrah

a)      Man or servant (person of low status)
b)      Never
c)       In truth
d)      It
e)      Why


  1. _______ E’er
  2. _______ ‘tis
  3. _______ Aye
  4. _______ Thee
  5. _______ Thy

a)      Yes
b)      Ever
c)       You
d)      Yours
e)      It is


  1. _______ Shrift
  2. _______ Whither
  3. _______ Thou
  4. _______ Good den
  5. _______ Fortnight

a)      Good afternoon
b)      You
c)       Confession
d)      Two weeks
e)      Where to


  1. _______ Visage
  2. _______ Fray
  3. _______ Hither
  4. _______ Anon
  5. _______ Coz

a)      Cousin, relative or friend
b)      Here
c)       Fight
d)      Soon
e)      Face


  1. _______ Ye
  2. _______ Fair
  3. Romeo is a _______.
  4. Juliet is a _______.

a)      Plural for “you”
b)      Montague
c)       Capulet
d)      Beautiful

Please translate the line below into “modern day” English.

Aye, thy fair visage doth inspire me.


A Quick Romeo and Juliet Review

A Quick Romeo and Juliet Review

A lot of people groan at the mention of Romeo and Juliet. It is one of the top things to read in our English classes and one of the many plays William Shakespeare is most known for. We watch the different movies versions and we discuss the different aspects of the plays.

“Is there such a thing as love at first sight?” being a favorite topic of discussion. We also discuss the use of language. I don’t know about your teachers, but one of mine had us memorize some lines to present to the class. Believe it or not, that is actually quite easy because of how Shakespeare writes. Which is one reason as to why I love this play.

I love this play for its language use. Below are some of my favorite lines in the play:

Romeo and Juliet


I personally, had gotten tired of the story because of constant repetition. But it wasn’t until I heard the Nostalgia Critic talk about Romeo and Juliet that I began to appreciate the story a little more. I embedded his video below. Hopefully, you will be just as enlightened as I was.

Expand Your Mind By Reading!

Reading ListCourtesy of Kipz11

Below, I have put together a little reading list compiled from the books I read while in college along with some I read on my own. There are also some books that were recommended to me by Empower Network.

I did this because one cannot improve if they have not yet learned from the past. It shall be updated as often as I am able.

I took time one day to go through and find these books at the lowest prices I could find. If you wish to purchase any of these books, click their titles. It will take you straight there.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

For Expanding And Empowering The Mind

For Understanding Feminism

Learn From Other Writers

Improving Your Own Writing

Learn From Past Art

Improving Your Anime/Manga Art

Improving Your Fashion Illustrations

Improving Your Mythological Creatures

Improving Your People and Poses

Improving Your Photography

Classical Mythologry

Does anyone else have any ideas?