English doesn’t just borrow from other languages…

English doesn’t just borrow from other languages…

English doesn't just borrow from other languages.

The English language is an interesting thing.
Sometimes, new words are added on a whim.
Definitions change; some words are just for show;
But that is what happens as a society grows.

English was my major in college. I enjoy writing and storytelling immensely. One reason as to why I liked my boyfriend so much was because of his excellent storytelling. They always made me laugh. It’s also why I love video games with stories, like Dragon Age. I write poetry sometimes, but I prefer books, not that I’ve finished any. I’ve started many and finished none. They are all still in progress, but working on them has been a delight!

If you wish to know which classes I have taken in college, go to the bottom of my Get To Know Erica! page.

If you are in need of some editing, like with papers or poems or short stories, I’ll be happy to give you a hand for a small fee, which we can discuss. Go to the “Contact Erica” page and schedule an appointment.

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