My Apologies For My Absence

There is a myriad of reasons as to why I have been unable to post. The most recent phenomenon is the lack of a computer; my laptop kept crashing after only being on for 5 minutes. I am currently using my newly bought Samsung Chromebook while my lovely significant other is building me a PC; we only need one more piece to complete it.

There’s also work; call centers are exhausting. And there’s school; I am taking Stratford Career Institute’s Video Game Design course. I am on the final module, contemplating what I will take next. In addition, I have been working more on my art.

I was recently invited to join Graphicker, which I just built my profile for today. I also recently joined ArtStation and I have been a member of DeviantArt for 4 years, but I just now put my artwork up for sale. I am contemplating starting a Patreon account, but I need to do more research as to what it is.

The point I am trying to make is, despite the distractions, I am back. After I regain access to my files on my laptop, I intend to post photos of my art. In case you’re interested.

“Every Good Lie Has At Least 80% of the Truth In It”, Just Like Disney’s Frozen

“Every Good Lie Has At Least 80% of the Truth In It”

Disney’s Frozen is a perfect example.

To start off, I would like to explain to you the title of this article. Previously, I wrote an article with the same title, click here to see, but it was about one of my favorite game series, Dragon Age.

“Every good lie has at least 80% of the truth in it” is something my father has been telling me for as long as I can remember, but he also taught me, “All you have is your word; you break that, you’ve got nothing.” To some, that would seem contradictory, but, in reality, he was teaching me how to spot the “good lies”. If you feel a little off when someone tells you something, but it also sounds like it could be true, you’ve probably just found a “good lie”. They 80/20’ed a lie. They gave you enough truth for the lie to be believable.

That’s why I am writing this article. I feel this same 80/20 can be done with and applied to fiction. There is entertainment in the 80/20. A lie is a lie, sure, but then I think about the graphic novel AND the movie V for Vendetta. While as separate entities, they are forces that can stand alone, but looking at them as a whole is also valuable. They talk about truth, lies and, the most interesting topic, using a lie to tell the truth. They talk about revenge and payback, too, but the truth and lies discussion is more important for this article.

My favorite quote from the movie, said by Evey Hammond is:

My father was a writer. You would’ve liked him. He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.

To those of you who have seen this movie, “A man after my own heart,” indeed. If you have not seen the movie OR read the graphic novel, you should. I do not think you will understand the rest of this article any less, but they are good to have in the background as you read.

Disney’s Frozen is the perfect example of an 80/20; of a “lie”, a fiction, being used to tell the truth.

What possible truths could be in Frozen with all that magic? The magic is the 20%. Everything else is possible.

“Huh?” you might ask. Well, here are 10 of the truths [the 80%]:-

  1. Children believing everything their parents say and doing everything that they are told even if the advice doesn’t work? Possible.
  2. The king and queen of a kingdom keeping a secret to the point of isolation? Possible.
  3. Isolating their children so they can’t blab said secret? Possible.
  4. A [trading] partner wanting to know you secrets in order to exploit them? Possible.
  5. Someone being so desperate for attention that they’ll marry someone after meeting them once? Possible.
  6. A prince (anyone, really) exploiting someone’s desperation for attention to marry into the [royal, wealthy, powerful] family? Possible.
  7. A prince planning to kill the reigning royal to gain control? Possible.
  8. Someone being “dumb” enough to chase after their sibling when they run away? Possible.
  9. An entire kingdom/country turning on their leader after one mistake? Look at Clinton.
  10. Your parents not always being right? All but parents are aware of this possibility.

Everything on the list are possible real life events that are taking place in the fiction. And I didn’t even mention the [trading] partner attempting murder or the prince winning over a kingdom to the point of being allowed to commit treason. The entire movie really only has two things that could be the 20% (if that): Elsa’s magic and the trolls.

What truth could the “lie” of Elsa’s magic and the trolls be trying to tell? The trolls are a little more obvious. For some odd reason, we need trolls to remind society that we need to love. Oh. Wait.

All the trolls talk/sing about is love,

Only love can thaw a frozen heart.

But Grandpappy troll does bring up a point about the head being “easily persuaded”. We see that a lot don’t we? Especially with point 1 where Elsa grows up doing nothing but what her parents tell her despite the fact that IT ISN’T WORKING and no one ever thinks of finding a new tactic.

But not only do the trolls discuss love, they also discuss fear. Grandpappy troll tells Elsa, after she accidentally hits Anna in the face, that fear will be her undoing. Again, “Only love can thaw a frozen heart.” It is reiterated in detail when Anna goes back to the trolls again, this time for frozen heart.

Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best!

That’s the only line I ever remember after listening to the song, which isn’t a bad thing because it sums up my entire point about the trolls. Their part of the 20% is used to diminish fear and spread love! That’s easier to do with a bunch of trolls and a catchy tune than a human being telling us over and over. Unfortunately.

Now, with all this in mind; all this 80/20 business and using the lie to tell the truth, I have a question: taking a look at the time period the movie takes place in, what secret could Elsa and her parents have been trying to keep that would cause the same amount of chaos the blizzard in summer caused?

Need a hint?

What community has been going nuts since this movie came out? Hmm?

Elsa could have been GAY!

Think about it: look at the time period. Being homosexual would have been considered a sin just like it is to some people today. But back then? WHOA!

But that’s how the 80/20 pulled most of us in! No one would have watched the movie if it was 100% possible. Especially not a Disney movie. Disney, whether they realized it or not, used the 20% to deliver a truth; only love can thaw a frozen heart.

If your friend; relative; child is gay and you reject them because of it, you have a frozen heart. And only an act of true love, accepting them for who they are, will thaw said frozen heart.

Let them “Let It Go” and you will all be free.

Every good lie has at least 80% of the truth in it. And this particular “lie” was used to tell the truth.

Impressive, don’t you think? Let us all know in the comments below!

Which Version of Frozen’s “Let It Go” Is More Relatable?

Which Version of Frozen’s “Let It Go” Is More Relatable?


Certain lines are going to be mentioned throughout this article. If you wish to see them, click here for the original version sung by Idina Menzel and click here for the remake sung by Demi Lovato. The videos were put at the top not only for your convenience, but also because they, too, are going to be discussed.

Now, I’m gonna start off by saying that the two versions are spectacular by themselves, but when a comparison is done, one of them will reign supreme.

Did You Know That Scientists Claim Humans Will Become Immortal By 2050 Because Of…

Did You Know That Scientists Claim Humans Will Become Immortal By 2050 Because Of…

Found this article on
Article written by Patricia.


I have a problem with this. If we were all immortal, we would run out of resources REAL quick!