Monsanto: Withdraw your Roundup herbicide from the market, before it’s too late for the monarch butterflies.

Monsanto: Withdraw your Roundup herbicide from the market, before it’s too late for the monarch butterflies.


Our monarch butterflies are vanishing — and all signs point to Monsanto as the main culprit.

Major press outlets worldwide reported earlier this month that the butterflies are in “grave danger”. Their population has reached the lowest numbers ever recorded. Now, an independent study has linked the monarch’s decline with Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide.

This corporate giant knows what it’s doing. But Monsanto says we should balance the butterfly’s survival with what it calls “productive agriculture” (read: Monsanto’s bottom line). We need to fight this now, before it’s too late for the butterflies.

Tell Monsanto to pull its butterfly-killing herbicide before it’s too late.

The annual mass migration of 60 million monarchs from Canada to Mexico is one of the most beautiful phenomena in the natural world. But it’s now on the verge of being a relic of history, and a key link in our food chain is under threat.

The monarch butterfly is in a serious, decades-long decline. The WWF has reported that this winter, the monarchs are only occupying an area of 1.7 acres in Mexico, down from 45 acres in 1996. An evolutionary strategy based on eating a common weed seemed smart — until Monsanto came along. Just one state along the monarchs’ migration route, Iowa, is reported to have lost 98 percent of its milkweed.

Monsanto products like Roundup dominate the agricultural market worldwide. This corporate giant sells matching genetically-engineered plants resistant to its pesticides — and encourages factory farms to douse fields with gallons of Monsanto’s herbicides.

But sprayed over vast areas, these poisons effect the entire ecosystem. Monsanto’s Roundup is also wiping out the monarchs’ primary food source — a plant called milkweed. Scientists have linked the monarch’s rapid population decline to the spread of Monsanto’s pesticides. Losing these butterflies means wiping out insects, birds and small mammals that rely on the monarch and its place in the food chain.

Tell Monsanto to save the monarchs by pulling its ecosystem-threatening herbicide.

Every second we wait is another second closer to the monarch’s extinction. We helped wake up the world to the danger of Bayer’s pesticides on the bees. Now let’s harness that awareness to save the monarchs from Monsanto!

More information:

Slate: The Missing Monarch, 30 January, 2014

Paedophile’s dream, child’s nightmare

Paedophile’s dream, child’s nightmare


Perverts are directing porn films, live, with girls as young as 6 on the other side of the world. So far they’ve got away with it, leaving the girls struggling to recover from the horror, but if enough of us act today, we can stop this new abuse of the internet. 

An estimated 750,000 pedophiles are online, but only six men have so far been convicted of paying young people to perform sex acts in front of webcams. Incredible investigative research has lifted the lid on this emerging vile practice, and shown the devastating psychological trauma it inflicts on young minds.

The research and media attention won’t be enough. But if we now call on police and child protection authorities to crack down on the webcam predators, we can ensure that people trying this know they may be caught. Stand with the young victims, to prevent more of them.

To see a video about the new method being used to catch pedophiles, go to the post Watch What This Make-Believe Girl Means To 1,000 Sexual Predators.

This method could bring to justice 100,000 pedophiles a year!

Drop charges against transgender teen defending herself!

Drop charges against transgender teen defending herself!

Petition by Valerie Poquiz

Petition by Valerie Poquiz
Hercules, CA

This petition will be delivered to:

Senior Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office
Daniel J. Cabral

My sister, Jewlyes Gutierrez, is a 16 year old teenager, who identifies as a transgender female. She lives in Hercules, CA and goes to Hercules Middle High School. Her gender identity has caused her to be a victim of taunting, harassment, and bullying by her peers. During one particular incident, a peer even spit gum in her face. After repeated events of bullying by this peer, Jewlyes sought help from the assistant principal in fear of her physical safety. However, the issue was not properly addressed, no necessary action was taken by the administration. The bullying continued. On November 13, 2013, Jewlyes was pushed over the edge. Due to continued harassment, a fight ensued. Out of fear of physical violence, Jewlyes finally stood up for herself. Several girls who were tormenting my sister then physically attacked her. This was captured on video and shown on the news.

 News Updates

District Attorney Mr. Daniel Cabral recently made the decision to file charges against Jewlyes for battery. I believe Jewlyes should not be charged criminally. Rather, this altercation should be the responsibility of the school district, who should take proper action and implement the necessary resources to prevent incidents like these from happening again.

Violence towards transgender and queer youth is a serious problem. Recently in Oakland, CA, a transgender teen was lit on fire. What message is the District Attorney’s Office sending when they prosecute a transgender teen who school officials labeled as the victim in this incident? Sign this petition and tell District Attorney we are outraged by the decision to charge Jewlyes and that we hope the District Attorney uses his discretion to allow for a restorative and educational solution rather than the court system to deal with what happened at Hercules High School.

Please tell the District Attorneys Office that we want our tax dollars spent on teaching tolerance and on conflict resolution programs in schools, not on prosecuting youth who are in need of a safe learning environment.

Click here to sign the petition.

If you would like to write your own personal letter to Mr. Cabral, you can do so in the following ways:

You can email Mr. Cabral at:

You can fax a letter to:  925-646-2566

You can mail a letter to: 900 Ward St. 1st Flr Martinez CA 94553

Daniel J. Cabral

Senior Deputy District Attorney

Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office

Pledge to Not Shop On Thanksgiving

Pledge to Not Shop On Thanksgiving


In retail, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two holidays that workers traditionally receive. Now that many stores are choosing to open on Thanksgiving, that break is being taken away, denying retail workers the rare opportunity to spend a holiday with their families. And most of these workers are only being paid minimum wage for their trouble.

A holiday should not be a luxury for the rich – all workers deserve time to spend with loved ones.

That’s why I signed a petition to Retail CEOs, which says:

“Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that retail workers receive. By opening stores on Thanksgiving, stores rob thousands of men and women the opportunity to spend time with their families.

A holiday with family should not be a luxury for the rich; we believe that all workers deserve the chance to relax and give thanks with loved ones.

We, as consumers, have the power to tell stores not to open on Thanksgiving by staying home. We hereby pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving Day, to show the retail industry that everyone deserves a holiday.”

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