Why Become Empowered?

Why Become Empowered?

Quote by Napoleon Hill

(Wish to see more of these comics? This Bitstrips comic along with many others can be found in the Empower GalleryInstagram and Flickr!)

Have you ever, like me, had a fantastic idea but someone always shot it down?
Have you, like me, stopped watching the news because of all the negative broadcasts?
Have you ever, like me, had to deal with someone who has no idea what they are talking about, but they talk anyway?

I refer you to the comic above (featuring a quote by Napoleon Hill).

People, today, are surrounded by negativity and, in many circumstances, being told why they can not or should not do something instead of being encouraged. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing it and, quite frankly, I’m tired of  negativity being in this world.

Ever feel the same way?

The purpose of this blog is for you to learn and practice the skills of positivity and empowerment and is here for us to help each other. I would like to spread a positive atmosphere so as to eradicate negativity. And, to do that, I would like us to become a type of support network.

Maybe if those with depression had some place to go to forget the world and feel good about themselves, there would be less suicides.

Maybe if a teenager, neglected by their parents or being emotionally/physically abused, had some one, or some people, to tell them they are magnificent and capable of anything, there would be less suicides.

And maybe if there was a place where everyone felt appreciated, everyone would go through their day with their heads held high, delighted for their future.

This can only be achieved if we help each other. For my part, I shall be posting empowering articles, news and artwork. If you wish to contribute to the discussion, post a comment, but, before you get carried away, click here to see some of the rules I have about that. And, I know in this day and age not a lot of people like to read, but I shall be writing up a reading list and updating it as often as I am able; click here to access it. You can not grow unless you are aware of what has been achieved in the past.

Empowerment in itself is a skill.

If you do not believe in yourself; if you do not trust yourself; if you can not rely on yourself, you will not be able to achieve greatness. You can learn as many skills as you please, but learning how to trust your own mind; your own instincts; your own soul, will get you far. Start your day with a positive thought and see how you feel throughout the day.

This is the most important skill you could ever learn and, to assist, I plan on posting as many empowering articles and pictures as I can.

Let your empowerment begin: CLICK HERE!

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

(Wish to see more of these comics? This Bitstrips comic along with many others can be found in the Empower GalleryInstagram and Flickr!)

In addition, I apologize in advanced for the slowness of the blog posts. I have other blogs. There is this blog, Become Empowered. My second one is called What is Entertainment? where I analyze the entertainment industry while I introduce new possibilities of entertainment. My third blog is called Dragon Age- Opinions and Truths where I focus on the Dragon Age series of games and give tips, tricks and news. And my final blog is called Get To Know Titans Monria! where I blog and post pictures and videos about myself.

In case you’re interested.

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